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Public service is always a sacrifice, but for some the price of making tough decisions in a highly charged political atmosphere can be especially great. When a public official becomes cannon fodder for political warfare and partisan-inspired investigations, the toll on both reputation and personal resources can be extremely great.

Judge Alberto Gonzales, the 80th Attorney General of the United States and former Texas Supreme Court Justice, needs your help to pay the legal costs associated with defending his decisions and those of the Bush Administration while facing government investigations following his service as Attorney General. Those investigations are now over. Judge Gonzales fully cooperated with all investigations and he has been fully exonerated.

The Alberto R. Gonzales Legal Expense Trust was formed to help retire the substantial legal bills that resulted from needing experienced Washington counsel to address the investigations resulting from many accusations, largely from partisan sources, involving the Attorney General while he served with President Bush defending our country. Our nation is better and safer because of his service.

Judge Gonzales needs your help to retire the substantial legal expenses accrued in his defense. We invite you to join Al’s many friends and colleagues, including President and Mrs. Bush, in supporting this good man and clearing his name. The Trustee will deposit all monies collected to the Alberto R. Gonzales Legal Expense Trust and these funds will be disbursed to the legal team representing him.

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